Train Hits and Kills a Man in Háros

The Balaton InterCity hit and killed a man at the Háros station on Sunday morning.

TV Set Fell on a One-Year-Old Child – She Lost her Life

On September 17th, in Becske, Nógrád County, the TV fell on a one-year-old girl while she was playing. The little girl climbed onto the TV stand, then grabbed the television, which fell on her and caused her such serious injuries that they could no longer save her life in the hospital.


Gábor Reisz’s Film Explanation of Everything Won an Award at the Venice Film Festival

Orizzonti’s selection usually includes films that represent the latest trends in their aesthetics and expression.

Employee of P. Mobil Suddenly Collapsed and Died Before a Concert

Géza Goletz, technician of the legendary P. Mobil band, passed away under tragic circumstances. The band published the news on their social media page on Saturday evening with the following message:

Carnival Week – Flower Carnival Programs in Debrecen Between August 14th-20th

On Monday, August 14th, the programs of the carnival week preceding the 2023 Debrecen Flower Carnival will begin. The offer is plentiful: cultural, entertainment, gastronomic and of course, FLOWER programs await the citizens of Debrecen and the tourists visiting Debrecen.