European Citizens’ Prize Goes to FreeSZFE

The European Parliament has awarded Hungarian civil rights group Freeszfe for its Emergency Exit programme with this year’s European Citizens’ Prize, according to a Tuesday announcement.

Zsazsa Gábor’s Ashes Laid to Rest in Budapest

The ashes of Zsazsa Gábor were laid to rest on Tuesday in the Fiumei Street graveyard in Budapest, almost five years after her death. Prince Frederic von Anhalt, the Hollywood celebrity’s last husband, brought the Golden Globe Award-winning actress’s ashes from America, thereby fulfilling her wish to rest forever in her homeland.

Káel: Hungarian Film Strives to Get to Larger Audiences With International Co-Production

Hungarian producers want to reach larger-than-ever audiences through ambitious international co-productions, the government commissioner for developing Hungary’s motion picture industry said in an interview posted on film industry website.