Sándor Balassa Dies at 87


Hungarian Erkel Ferenc and Kossuth Prize-winning composer, artist of the nation, co-founder and member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA), Sándor Balassa has died at the age of 87.


He died after suffering from a serious disease for a very long time.

Sándor Balassa graduated from the College of Music in 1965, and already in the last year of the college he worked as the music director of the Hungarian Radio. He held the position until 1980, then from 1981 he became an instrumentation teacher at the College of Music, and from 1993 he was a university professor.

At the turn of 1991-1992, together with Imre Makovecz, József Somogyi, Imre Schrammel, Tibor Gyurkovics and many other artists, he participated in the formation of the Hungarian Academy of Arts. From 1992 to 1997, and from 2001 to 2004, he was vice-president, and in 2011 he was elected a full member of the organization.

MMA considers Sándor Balassa his own dead.


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