György Reschofsky awarded at the Kaposvár Biennale


György Reschofsky was awarded the “Most Captivating Storyteller” award for his role in Vas Laci in the XI. Kaposvár ASSITEJ International Children and Youth Biennale.

The artist of the Vojtina Puppet Theater plays the hero “freed from seven devils” in the Debrecen adaptation of the tale of Benedek Elek.

Vas Laci is a real audience favorite, György Reschofsky played the hero who sets out to save his sisters almost fifty times this season. It was not by chance that one of the play’s critics stated that “maybe the main character is not Laci Vas, but György Reschofsky, a tasteful storyteller-watcher-listener.”

Photo: Krisztina Csatáry-Nagy

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