Socialists Demand Saving Lake Balaton from Becoming “Symbol for Oligarchs”

Economy Europe National

The opposition Socialists demanded on Sunday that Lake Balaton in western Hungary be saved from becoming a “symbol for oligarchs”, saying it should remain a holiday destination accessible to all Hungarians.

Budapest leader of the party Zsolt Molnár said on Facebook that the Socialists would continue a signature drive to prevent the introduction of entrance fees at free beaches, the privatisation of ports for sailing boats and excessive lakeshore development. Issues concerning Lake Balaton will be placed in the focus of the party’s preparations for the 2022 parliamentary elections, he said. The Socialists will submit a comprehensive amendment proposal for the law on Lake Balaton this autumn and they welcome contributions by all opposition parties, he added. Molnár said the party also wanted to ensure that all water surfaces around Hungary are accessible by bicycle.

Socialist board member Dávid Bihal said the signature drive would be expanded to all of Hungary in order to prevent ruling “Fidesz and the oligarchs” from taking possession of Balaton.


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