92nd Summer School Started in Debrecen

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This year, 160 foreign students from 33 countries take part in the programs of Debrecen Summer School.

92nd Summer School has started in Debrecen. This year, 160 foreign students are going to learn about Hungarian language and culture at the programs and lessons organized by Debrecen Summer School.

50 students came from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. 30 students are from the UK, Canada, the USA and New Zealand. Furthermore, there are students from Indonesia, Taiwan and Israel. The oldest student is 78 years old, the youngest is 15.


More than half of the students came to Hungary with the help of scholarships (e.g. Tempus Foundation) or some kind of a financial support. Main partner of Debrecen Summer School is the Faculty of Humanities (UD). Professors and students of the department are going to help and guide the foreign students during their stay in our city.

According to Péter Szaffkó, head of Debrecen Summer School, there are going to be language lessons, cultural programs, gastro events, workshops and various tours among this year’s programs.


Source and photos: www.unideb.hu

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