Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park Reaches 200,000 Followers on Facebook

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For the past five years, Hungary’s first zoo outside the capital and one and only amusement park have seen a continuous increase in public attention and interest, indicated not only by an increase of over 20 percent in attendance numbers, but also by their social media presence as they have very recently reached 200,000 followers on Facebook – an remarkable achievement even amongst other European zoos.

The “best-liked” zoo in Hungary launched its first, and exclusively English, Facebook page back in 2009 as the first Hungarian zoo to do so and, when the top social media platform has been available in Hungarian, they switched to bilingual posts, now a staple element in their communication on news around the Zoo and their botanical collection, on the fun a thrills their Amusement Park has in store, and on their upcoming special events and offers.

Dedicated to providing quality content and information both on-site and online, the Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park will be redesigning their website in the near future.

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