New Nurseries in Balatonszabadi and Somogyvár

Local News

The construction of a new nursery has been completed in Balatonszabadi, and in Somogyvár the investment is starting in a few days – local governments informed MTI.

About 40 children are born in Balatonszabadi, with a population of 3,000, every year, and so far nursery care has been available only in Ságvár and in Siófok.

The new nursery of the village, which includes two rooms for children and service rooms, was built from HuF 118 million given by the European Union and the government. The construction included the conversion of the local kindergarten, the modernization of the machinery, the purchase of playground and yard equipment and landscaping.

The new nursery in Somogyvár can be completed from HuF 200 million by the end of next year. The two-storey, 256-square-meter, barrier-free property is also planned to have a big room for children, a multifunctional employer-educator room, a rest room, a laundry room and a stroller storage.



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