Six Months Pregnant Woman Dies in Car Accident Between Hajdúszovát and Debrecen

Local News Police

The accident happened on Tuesday afternoon (31st August).


According to the available information, one person died after the collision of two cars on Tuesday afternoon between Hajdúszová and Debrecen.

The Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters informed that the 26-year-old driver got seriously injured in the accident and lost her life after being transported to the hospital.

A spokesman for the National Ambulance Service told Tények News that a 26-year-old, six months pregnant woman was the victim of the accident. The woman drove quickly, and after a turn, she spun around and then slipped into the other lane, then collided with another car that crashed into a tree.

The pregnant woman suffered severe, life-threatening head and chest injuries and bruises all over her body. Ambulances immediately relieved her pain with medication and, after that she was transported to a hospital in a life-threatening condition. The doctors fought for her life for a long time, but her injuries were so severe that she died in the hospital.

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