Thesis for less than 100.000 HUF, universities are helpless

National, Hungarian news portal looked for people who are writing theses for university students for a certain amount of money; they have found several “thesis factories”.

There is more and more well-functioning “thesis factory” in Hungary that connect the writers and university students, so demand and supply can meet in a few clicks. Matters are at such a point that one of these companies is advertising itself on the Internet:

10.000+ satisfied customers, 1.000+ professionals. More than 15.000 written documents. We can help you in almost every fields, ask for our unique offer! – says the company’s website.

Several companies list the fields of their writers; the larger ones even promise to find writers to any topic.

A Bsc/BA thesis can be bought for 60.000-70.000 HUF, while a Msc/MA thesis costs about 100.000-150.000 HUF. The companies do not guarantee that the customer will get a good grade. However, they guarantee that the customer will receive a new paper: they run the finished thesis on a plagiarism search software.

For the time being, universities have no means of eliminating fraud; they are helpless.



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