More than 4,500 companies use online marketplaces


In Hungary more than 4,500 companies, mostly SMEs are availing of online marketplaces, which now are responsible for 2-3% of all online sales, GKI Digital said on the basis of its research data. Net turnover on online marketplaces in 2018 came to 12 billion forints (EUR 36.1m), compared to 425 billion forints of all online retail sales last year. In H1 2019 online retail sales stood at 207 billion forints, up by 16% compared to the same period last year.

Popular online marketplaces in Hungary include eMag Marketplace, Meska for handmade products, Agroinform for agricultural products, Jófogás and Vatera. GKI Digital noted that the growth in the number of customers is failing to keep up with the pace of growth of the online market itself, so sellers have to make extra effort to reach already active online buyers.



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