Number of Covid-19 Infections Stagnates in Hungary

Europe National

The number of active coronavirus infections in Hungary is stagnating around 500-600 at present, Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, said on public radio on Sunday.

Measures introduced a few weeks earlier, such as stepping up checks of foreign nationals entering the country or assigning countries to risk categories based on infection numbers have proved appropriate, Gulyás told Kossuth Radio.

He noted that the government decides on possible changes, such as the colour-coded country risk designations, each week, based on the recommendations of the Operative Board. He said that as long as nobody brings the virus into the country from abroad, Hungary’s Covid-19 infection rate could remain relatively low in a European comparison, while the current rules remain in place.
Commenting on current employment figures, he said the Hungarian economy was strong enough to enable the government fulfil its promise to create as many jobs as the number lost because of the epidemic. Compared to last June, there were 38,000 fewer people holding jobs this June but their number was still higher than the number of jobholders last January, he added.


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