Századvég: Most Hungarians See Vaccine ‘Panacea’


A majority of Hungarians regard a vaccine as the only way to control the coronavirus pandemic, and more and more people are expressing a willingness to get inoculated, according to a survey by the Századvég Foundation released on Friday.

The number of people stating a definite readiness to get vaccinated has gone up this month to 34% from 24% in December 2020, the survey showed. The number of those who are somewhat inclined to get the shot also increased, to 28% from 25% in the previous month. The ratio of sceptics is 35%, down from 52% in November and 48% in December. Századvég attributed the increased willingness to reports of a steady growth of vaccinations in countries around the world. “Hungarians have recognised that the vaccines carry no risk and do not have major side effects.”


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