Man tries to smuggle ten kittens into the country without documents


The Debrecen Regional Investigation Prosecutor’s Office is prosecuting a Ukrainian citizen who wanted to bribe a financial guard serving at the border.

By offering the money, the 40-year-old wanted to get the sergeant in charge of the financial guard to allow him to enter the European Union in breach of duty, even though the pets traveling with him in the car did not have the necessary documents.

According to the available data, on May 6, 2021, the man applied for entry at the Beregsurány Road Border Crossing, where during the inspection the financier noticed that the conditions for the entry of animals younger than four months were not met.

The financial guard informed the man that, as he did not have an animal health certificate with the appropriate data issued by the competent authority for all animals, he could not enter the territory of Hungary. At this point, the perpetrator began to beg not to be arrested, and then, in breach of the official’s legal obligation, he handed over 200 euros to the financier, hidden in the passport of one of the pets.

The bribe money was not accepted by the financial guard and then the man was prosecuted.

The detained man was interrogated as a suspect by the Debrecen Regional Investigation Prosecutor’s Office for a crime of bribery for breach of duty. The Ukrainian man did not admit to committing the crime, the Nyíregyháza Tribunal – using a telecommunication device – will decide his case today.

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